About Us

Welcome to
GK City Montessori School

G.K City Montessori School is established and administered by the ‘G.K City Montessori School Shaikshanik avam sanskratic Punarutthan Samiti’ a charitable society registered in Bareilly on 27 March , 1998 under the Societies registration act of 1860.

It was founded in fond memory of Late Smt. Geeta Kumari by her husband Shri. G.B Satyawali in 1998. ICSE affiliation to the school was accorded in 2007 since then the school is successfully keeping pace with the guidelines and standers of the council.

Meet The Founders

Late Shri H.C. Satyawali in the guidance of his father late Shri G.B. Satyawali laid the foundation stone of the school in 1998 with a small bunch of teachers and students he took the school to the level of ICSE and the school was affiliated to CISCE in the year 2007.

Shri H C Satyawali managed the school till 2010 h when the first batch of ICSE appeared in the board exams.

To a great loss of the GKCMS family Shri H.C. Satyawali passed away leaving the school in a vacuum. These circumstances compelled his father Shree G.B. Satyawali to take the command of the management in his experienced hands and he directly got involved himself in the school.

He devoted his 10 years to the school taking it to new heights till his demise in 2021.

Manager's Desk

Education dose not commence with the alphabet it begins with mother’s look, with father’s nod of appreciation or assign of reproach, with a sister’s gentle pressure of the hand and or a brother’s noble act; with meadows, with bird’s nests admired, but not touched with creeping ants and almost imperceptible elements; with humming bees and beehives, with pleasant walks in shady lanes and with thoughts directed in sweet and kind words to nature, to beauty, to acts benevolent, to deeds of virtue and God himself.

Principal's Desk

Dear Parents

Good school do not just happen. They evolve when parents and teacher join hands to work together. Education is not just a process of acquiring knowledge for a future job but a lifelong process. Education create an understanding of the moral and ethical values to guide one’s life and finally evolve into good human being through team work, participation and learning to meeting challenges in life.

The diary is an integral and effective link school and parents. It provides a clear view of the school’s plans and policies, rules and regulation, establishing an interaction between the parents and teachers. Since it serves as a reliable record of Information parents are requested to fill in the entries at the specified pages that may be required at times of an exigency , if any. Relevant entries are also made by the teachers from time, for the parents to refer to and sign, in order to keep in touch with their ward’s progress.

Please do attend the Parents – Teachers meetings as and when scheduled. It is hoped that you will continue to spend quality time with your child every day. It is important to know your child and not just the home work . Also try to know the friends he makes and the problems he face in school, in the bus/van/magic or at play. Be his friend, and give support and encouragement to him.

Aims & Objectives

G.K.C.M.S. aims to develop the multifaceted personality of a child and to prepare him/her for competitiveness, leadership and self expression.

To include discipline, loyalty, obedience, courtesy and diligence in the students. To Make adequate use of the energy of the students through healthy recreational energy and to assist them to enjoy their leisure.

To lay stress on developing scientific temper, curiosity, aesthetic sense, creativity and team spirit in the students.

G.K C.M.S. is strictly abide to the standards and guideline given by the council (ICSE) which are meant for making the properly educated.

At G.K.C.M.S. we endeavor to maintain a high standard of education. Our school are not passive recipients of knowledge but co-creator of this knowledge. Here learning is a passionate process and we want this learning to be and enjoyable experience and the school a place where our children feel happy, secure and loved. To Make this educational experience of our children a fruitful one, we look forward to your participation and cooperation.